Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo - Youth and Social Innovation Policy Department (Italy)

The Youth and Social Innovation Policy Department of Cinisello Balsamo Municipality provides different kind of youth-work both for and with young people under 35. It carries out projects which aim at supporting young people and their skills development for the reinforcement of the human and social capital in the community.

The projects include professional and educational trainings at different levels, promotion of sense of initiative, actions addressed to social inclusion and employment, support to the active participation of youngers to the social life.

The Department works in partnership with the local High Schools, fostering the active citizenship of the students through the promotion of cultural awareness and civic-mindedness: the content of EUIMAGE has been developed within three high-school classes into a Internship path closed with the selection of the exhibition’s photos.

Massimo Capano, Head of Youth Policy Department

Elisa Scardoni, project manager